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Seeing Jesus

Posted on Sunday January 15th, 2012, by Matt Finch |
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I know it’s a bit too big, but it means you can see it better!

The usual envelopes on the cafe church tables delivered a handful of different pictures of Jesus to have a look at and discuss this morning. This one caught my eye. I’ll confess, if there was going to be a Pre-Raphaelite picture among them, that would be the one I headed for. I love the Pre-Raphaelites and this picture by Ford Madox Brown is a favourite. Historically they are probably all a bit to white and western to be authentic, but there is something about it which seems so real and rugged, even with Jesus’ halo.

It was interesting to see the different depictions. Revolutionary Jesus anyone? Looking at all the different pictures and all the different people talking about them round tables, I suspect this is a topic that has plenty of mileage!