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fast thursdays

Posted on Tuesday February 17th, 2015, by Leadership Team |
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We all like a challenge once in a while so here is one for you! How about this Lent you give something up, not every day, just every Thursday and use the time to think, pray and reflect on what faith is all about.

Lent is the time in the church’s year where we remember Jesus’ forty days and nights in the wildernesswhere he fasted from food and water all that time. That’s why Christians often decide to give something up during this season running up to Easter.

This 200th year as a church on the Waits Rev Matt Finch is inviting everyone to join him and others to fast on each Thursday in Lent. It is really important that as we look to the future seeking God’s will for us as a church and as individuals. It might be that you want to give up food and use the spare time you get from not eating to pray or read your bible. But maybe you could give up something else that takes up a lot of your time; TV, radio, social media, cups of tea and coffee or another thing.

Fasting from something is a sign to God that we are serious about listening and a chance to make a little more time to hear. It is not an activity reserved only for the super spiritual or mature Christian it is for us all. What we hear does not have to be a revelation that comes with a lightning bolt, more often than not God speaks in more ordinary ways if we are open to hear.

We would love to know if you are going to join us in Fast Thursdays and also what you feel God is saying when you do.