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breathe 14th July

Posted on Wednesday July 10th, 2013, by Leadership Team |
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We will be returning to the reason breathe was started at this months gathering as we look at the idea of “breath”.
Did you know that we take 26000 breaths a day? Scientist reckon that we get around 20% of our energy from breathing and if we did it properly we could get nearer 80%.
The optimum number of breaths a person should take a minute is between 4 and 6 yet because of our busy, hectic and sometime stressed out lives we take as many as 20.
Join us to breath properly for a little while and greater understand that all breath is God breathed and how  that might inform our living.
If you have not been before we meet in the hall at the back of the church please use the side door to church as the front ones will be open.
If you have time to stay at the end for a drink and a bit of cake please do.