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A chance to talk about the EU referendum result

Posted on Monday June 27th, 2016, by Leadership Team |
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As we are all aware the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union on Thursday. This is a result celebrated by some and a cause of great pain to others. And without question we now face times of uncertainty and momentous change.

As a church we want to help each other and our community at this time. Now, when there is much talk of division in our country, we are offering a place, at St Ives Methodist Church, to listen and talk honestly,  to reach out to each other in our differences and seeking the best way forward together.  Already there have been people in this town from Europe expressing their worries about their future and we all condemn the expressions of racism we are seeing in the news. It is our hope that this gathering will begin the process of look ahead in unity.

So, we invite you to come along to the church on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm. We will have time to talk together about recent events, pray for our country and consider how we can remain a place of welcome to all? A place of healing to those so upset? A place of calm in amongst frightening headlines? And best reach out to those fearful what this means about the future?