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15th July Cafe Service

Posted on Thursday July 12th, 2018, by Leadership Team |
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15th July Cafe Church

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that it is café church this Sunday and we would love to see you before we break up for summer.

Thanks to the amazing hard work of the contractors our new heating system is nearly finished so we are back in the church as normal.

The service will be the mix of chatting round tables, activities together, the band will lead us in some songs, some thoughts about life and faith and of course tea and coffee, pastries and papers.

We start serving from 10am so join us anytime from then.  The service begins at 10.30am but don’t worry if you are running late it doesn’t matter no one will notice and the coffee will be waiting!

Take care and hope to see you but if not enjoy the sunshine wherever you are.

Matt and the café team

8th July breathe

Posted on Thursday July 5th, 2018, by Leadership Team |
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180708 breathe tend flyer

We are pleased to say that breathe is back for another reflective and contemplative time but this time in a different place.

Seeing as the weather and after a wonderful time last year, we are returning to Holt Island (a nature reserve opposite the church) for a summer evening of contemplation and reflection- listening to the birds and being cut off from the busyness of the world for just a while.


The theme we will explore together is ‘tend’. On the island, there is a balance of wild unkept areas to encourage wildlife and tended of paths and grass that means it can be managed and tended. We will be reflecting on the wild and the tended parts of our lives, considering what needs control and what needs to be allowed to be wild once more.

It will be a simpler stripped down breathe as we can’t take a computer and projector- but there will still be the simple chants, walking round the island (if you are able), readings from the Bible, silence, ritual and of course cake! 

You can access the island via a small bridge which you can get to via the Parish church grounds and you will find breathe setup in the middle of the island please follow the signs that we will have put up. You can see the Island website

Please bring a camping chair (or two) if you can but no worries if not we will make sure that there are some spares. Maybe a blanket in case it drops cold and a hat might help keep the bugs away!

It is our last breathe before we have a break in August so it will be lovely to see you if you can make it.

 Matt and the breathe team.