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8th October breathe

Posted on Wednesday October 4th, 2017, by Leadership Team |
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171008 breathe flyerWe just wanted to let you know that it is breathe this Sunday evening and we would, as always, love to see you.

Our theme this month is ‘secret’- but please don’t worry we won’t be asking you to tell us them- we know how personal they are. We will be contemplating the power secrets can hold over us, both negative and positive; passions and worldviews that drive us, hidden places of beauty only we know or fears and experiences we have never expressed to another. breathe will give us the space in which to consider their impact on our lives.

Our time will be a mixture of the usual chants and music, video and art, ritual and candlelight, silence and stillness. And there is of course cake and coffee to finish if you can stay afterward.

It all begins at 7.30pm and is in the hall of St Ives Methodist Church. It will last about an hour and feel free to sneak in if you are running late- we know how busy life can get.