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16th October Cafe Service

Posted on Thursday October 13th, 2016, by Leadership Team |
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We just wanted to let you know cafe church is happening this Sunday morning (16th Oct) at St Ives Methodist. The cafe fairies were busy at work yesterday evening and all is ready for a great time together on Sunday!
If you have not been before, cafe is great time together, sat round tables with familiar and new faces, activities to do (this month there is plenty of play dough), time to be still, songs to sing (if you fancy it), thinking about life and life, newspapers to read, tea and coffee flowing until it runs out. It lasts about an hour and plenty of space to chat afterwards.
The drinks, pastries, fruit and newspapers are ready from 10am so join us anytime from then. The service begins at 10.30am but don’t worry if you are running late you are probably not the only one and we know life gets busy.
Take care and be in touch if we can help.

9th October breathe

Posted on Thursday October 6th, 2016, by Leadership Team |
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We hope you are enjoying the Autumn sunshine and a moment to reflect on the beauty of the changing seasons.

If you are wanting or need a bit more space to consider life then it would be great to see you this Sunday evening for breathe. It all begins at 7.30pm in the hall at the back of St Ives Methodist Church- it will be space filled with stillness, creativity, image and words, silence and some simple music.

Our theme this month is ‘cup’. We will explore and reflect on our lives as a cup- full of a mixture of sorrow and joy, potential and successes, uncertainty and doubt, blessings and love. It will be a time to think about those who we drink with and those who are close to us. A time to consider the place of faith in the complexity of life and the journey we have each walked to this point.

It would be lovely to see you if you can make it. The service lasts about an hour and there is drinks and cake afterwards if you can stay (but we understand that you might need to get off straightway).