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12th July breathe

Posted on Wednesday July 8th, 2015, by Leadership Team |
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It is our last breathe of before a break for August so it will be lovely to see you if you can make it.
This months breaths theme is ‘Island’. Islands have always been important places for people seeking and a reflecting on faith because of the space they give and perspective their distance from the mainland give. As life slows down a little getting ready for summer we are going to reflect upon disconnecting from the busyness, focusing on what is important and what is important for us to find this summer. As take ourselves to a different place we let go of much of what we take for granted and just maybe find something we never realised was there.
So, one really important bit of information is that breathe is not in the church hall as normal. Instead this month, to help us physically reflect on our theme, we have private use of Holt Island (the nature reserve opposite St Ives Methodist). You get to the island via a small bridge which you can get to via the Parish church grounds. You can see the Island website
Please bring a chair if you can but we will make sure that there are some there if you don’t have one and it might be worth having some mosquito repellent ready to go as well!
breathe will be simpler this month as we can’t take a video projector and computer to the Island. But there will still be times of silence, simple chants, readings from the bible and some short reflections to guide our thoughts.
As ever, there will be tea, coffee and cake which we would love for you share with us at the end of the service.
We really look forward to seeing you if you can make it.