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15th March Cafe church

Posted on Wednesday March 11th, 2015, by Leadership Team |
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It is cafe church this Sunday. As normal the refreshments will be flowing from 10am, pastries will be ready and the papers will be on the table.

The service will be like the normal format of singing some songs, chatting round tables, making some crafts and times of stillness to reflect.

Seeing as it is Mother’s Day we will be thinking about mothers and the people who have cared for us and shaped us. We understand that as well as it being a day where we are grateful for those who have nurtured us, we also know that it can be a hard day for some, either sadness of mothers no longer with us, difficult family relationship or sometimes mothers who have lost children. In the planning the team have made sure that there will be space for everyone however we feel. So please join us if you can.

The service will start at around 10.30am but don’t worry if you are running late we are sure you won’t be the only one!

It will be lovely to see you if you can make it and we can help in the meantime please let us know.

8th March breathe

Posted on Wednesday March 4th, 2015, by Leadership Team |
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breathe is happening at St Ives Methodist Church this Sunday evening at 7.30pm.
The time of year we find ourselves in is Lent, a time of simplicity and contemplation on what is important. So the theme this month is ‘remain’. We will be asking questions of our of world accumulation and consumption, pondering what is important for us to take hold of in a life of busyness and lack of time, stress and demand- and perhaps what can we let go so that what is important might flourish.
If you are not familiar with what happens at breathe our time spent reflecting on passages from the bible, taking images and video, sharing in silence and music as we make a space to consider how life and faith can better make sense for us.
It would be lovely to see you if you can make it and if you have have the time stay for cake and coffee at the end!