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Café Church Takeaway #2: Mother’s Day

Posted on Monday March 19th, 2012, by Matt Finch | 1 Comment
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We know we’re a bit late for this year’s Mother’s Day, but here’s what we were up to yesterday!



Café Church Takeaway #1: Who Is My Neighbour?

Posted on Monday March 19th, 2012, by Matt Finch | 2 Comments
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Here’s our first Takeaway. A Café service reflecting on justice and poverty in our world. Enjoy.



Café Church Takeaway

Posted on Sunday March 18th, 2012, by Matt Finch | 4 Comments
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We get lots of enquires about what resources we use for Café Church here at SIMC and lots of people asking for ideas on how to do Café Church or what to do in a café service, and so we thought we’d start a little feature on the blog called Café Church Takeaway. Here you will find a nicely packaged run down of a Café service on a theme with ideas for food, activities, resources and prayers along with a few pointers for a talk. We’ll recommend a song or two if we think there’s one that fits well. All the info you need will be on the blog post and we’ll attach a PDF that you can download and print out too. Watch this space.