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So What Exactly is a Local Preacher?

Posted on Saturday January 28th, 2012, by Matt Finch |
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Last week our very own Margaret Harris was accepted as a local preacher. In the Methodist Church a local preacher is someone who isn’t a minister and doesn’t work for the Church, but a regular member of the congregation who feels they could lead services. After some interviews with the other local preachers (Matt assures me this sounds worse than it is!) and some training (with a local minister) and writing some essays (yes, that bit is painful!) they finally get through and are released on the world of Methodism.

A local preacher will regularly lead services in their local church or area. Officially they can lead a service in any Methodist Church in the Country.

So why do we do this? Well, we believe the Church is not a one person show. It is not just the minister who is able to lead people in prayer, worship, interpreting the bible and being a church community. We believe everyone has gifts to offer the church community and leading a service can be one of these gifts.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that when you turn up to a morning service at SIMC it may not necessarily be Rev Matt leading what’s happening. Regularly, local preachers come and bring their reflections on the bible for us to mull over. This can be a refreshing change or sometimes it can be an unexpected difference to what we like best. But we try to listen out for God in whatever comes.

What if I think I’d like to be a local preacher? We are always wanting to encourage all kinds of people to think about trying different gifts and roles out in the Church. Grab, or e-mail Matt and have a chat about it. You can’t be too young or old, too new or too unqualified. Get in touch and see where it leads.

And so we look forward to seeing more of Margaret in the future and hearing what she has to bring to us on a Sunday morning. May God bless her as she steps out of the box and into the pulpit!

If you’d like to come along and celebrate with us, Margaret’s accreditation service (a service to celebrate and officially acknowledge Margaret as a preacher) is on Sunday 24th June 2012, 6.30pm, at SIMC. And we’ll have Rev Graham Thompson, our District Chair, visiting us. 

Now then, could someone explain what a District Chair is please? We’ll save that one for another blog post….

Seeing Jesus

Posted on Sunday January 15th, 2012, by Matt Finch |
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I know it’s a bit too big, but it means you can see it better!

The usual envelopes on the cafe church tables delivered a handful of different pictures of Jesus to have a look at and discuss this morning. This one caught my eye. I’ll confess, if there was going to be a Pre-Raphaelite picture among them, that would be the one I headed for. I love the Pre-Raphaelites and this picture by Ford Madox Brown is a favourite. Historically they are probably all a bit to white and western to be authentic, but there is something about it which seems so real and rugged, even with Jesus’ halo.

It was interesting to see the different depictions. Revolutionary Jesus anyone? Looking at all the different pictures and all the different people talking about them round tables, I suspect this is a topic that has plenty of mileage!


15th January Cafe Service

Posted on Thursday January 12th, 2012, by Leadership Team |
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Our first cafe service of 2012 is this Sunday and will be a regular fixture every third Sunday of the month for the rest of the year.

Fresh tea and coffee, pastries (and fruit if you are feeling healthy) are served from 10am. The service starts at 10.30am and all takes place around tables. There is space to talk with others, join in the activities, reflect quietly on your own, sing a song if you like or just read the newspaper and catch up on the weeks stories.  Just come along and be yourself.

Hope to see you

January 8th breathe

Posted on Thursday January 5th, 2012, by Leadership Team |
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Join us for our first breathe of the year this Sunday evening at 7.30pm in the upstairs room.

With a cuppa and cake (or juice and fruit if you are on the post Christmas detox) we will think together about the year just gone; the news headlines, the forgotten stories and the questions it has made us ask about life and faith. We will then take reflect about what 2012 holds for our world, our lives and how the bible and faith can help us on our way.

There will plenty of time to talk, if you like,  spaces to listen to each other and stillness to reflect personally about what faces us this year.

It will be great to see you if you can make it.