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14th April breathe

Posted on Wednesday April 3rd, 2013, by Leadership Team |
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Our next breathe is called ‘recognition’ on 14th April at 7.30pm.
breathe is multimedia, so we use videos and different types of music. It is multi sensory so it is not just sitting and listening to one person for an hour it engages us in varied ways. And its a mediative space for people who need just a little bit of space in a busy and hectic world.
This month’s theme ‘recognition’ will be explore the story from the bible where Jesus cooks his disciples breakfast on the beach. We will be reflecting in quiet and discussing with folks around us about what it is to find God or for God to find us in our everyday lives.
If you want to join us we meet in the hall at the back of St Ives Methodist Church so please use the side door to get in rather than the front.
There will be tea and cake afterwards so it is worth coming for that if nothing else.
Will be great to see you if you can make it.